The impact of office design on business performance – ‘Health-based working’

The impact of office design on business performance and the mental health of employees.

Designing health based workplaces that make people the priority

In this blog, we want to highlight that a health based workplace is becoming the preference for an increasing number of companies.  In 2018 poor mental health cost UK companies more than £43bn.  Whilst there were fewer sick days taken by employees last year, days off for mental health reasons were on the rise.

In recent times the focus has been on intelligent workplaces that put technology before people.  Now, employees want emotionally intelligent workplaces that makes people the priority.

A recent study found that company salaries equate to up to 85% of business’ expenditure, significantly outweighing the value of property.  In light of this, should we not focus on creating workplaces that support people to achieve their best possible performance?

This was the approach of an Australian based business.  The objective was to promote better health for everyone, inspiring them to design one of the world’s healthiest workplaces.

Employees were offered the choice of how and where they work; ranging from indoor quiet spaces and collaborative hubs to wifi-enabled terraces and places to work whilst standing up.  The building offers employees easy access and space that is rich with plants and greenery throughout.

Within four months of moving in, 79% of employees reported that they were working more collaboratively and 70% said they felt happier working at the new HQ.

It’s become apparent that ‘health-based working’ is a priority for an increasing number of companies in the UK.  This re-modelling of the workplace, will help promote wellness in the workforce and boost the productivity of everyone from tech companies, to law firms and co-working companies.

If you’re looking for a new creative workplace that makes people the priority, then feel free to reach out to Move Space London and we will see what we can do to make your next office move, ‘the one”.

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